6 Day Free Money Blocks Energy Clearing Series

We’re living in a time when the energy of money is as vital to us as the energy of air.

And if you’re experiencing money problems, you may feel like you’re choking. You may feel tired, frustrated, worried, disappointed, powerless… all because you can’t seem to get a grip on this energy called money.

Arnold M. Patent, author of Money, said We don’t create abundance. Abundance is always present. We create limitation. Which means that when you remove those limitations that you’ve learned over time, your natural abundance flows freely again.

Removing blocks and limitations is the gift that energy clearing can give you, and faster than anything else! And energy clearing is Daniel and mine’s specialty.

That’s why we created this free series of 6 videos that clear energy blocks around money. Because we believe now is the time for you to start relating to money in a new way, an empowered way.

If you believe it and want it too, click below and start that change now.

Want to know more? Here’s a preview of the energy clearings you’ll go through:

Day 1 – You’ll experience an energy clearing that will help you allow more money into your life.
Day 2 – Here we’ll help you dive into your money story (the one you learned as a child) and release it.
Day 3 – If money seems to slip through your fingers, on this clearing we’ll help you keep money in your life.
Day 4 – Get ready to clear your negative emotions and past hurts and disappointments around money.
Day 5 – Now that you are allowing more money into your life and keeping it, let’s help you grow it!
Day 6 – Do you think you have a ceiling beyond which you don’t allow more in? Time to clear that upper limit.  

Now is the time for you to have an empowered relationship with that energy called MONEY