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Energy Clearing Sessions

Amazawa S. CA, USA – Energy Clearing

Thank you, Isabel, for helping me release so many trapped emotions and negative beliefs. I am always amazed at how accurate you are in identifying what needs to be released and at how much better I feel after each of our sessions. The analogy that comes to mind is: you are helping me debug my “operating system” so that all areas of my life, all my “apps,” function optimally.

Thank you also for helping my mother. She is sleeping much better, and I see a big positive shift in her outlook on life. You are doing amazing work!

Bernadette P., UK – Energy Clearing

Deborah P. OR, USA – Energy Clearing

I LOVE this particular process!! It is one of the most powerfully simple processes I’ve ever experienced … It feels like no fuss no muss … Isabel and I worked on a situation a few weeks ago that was extremely painful for me emotionally and by the time the session was over the emotional pain level went from highly charged to a tiny little I’m aware and it’ll pass! And then the situation shifted completely … as it often does when you let go of the energetic charge around it. Sometimes you just need help! Isabel is crazy skilled at facilitating that help! I love the way she phrases what happens … “I help you release the energetic blocks that are keeping you locked vibrationally in your current circumstances.” because that is exactly what happens!!

Helga B., USA – Energy Clearing

Isabel is like the good fairy godmother, kind, light-spirited, caring, soothing, compassionate and very effective! Her work goes really deep and before you know it, those old limiting beliefs are lifted and you are free. I felt a little woozy afterwards which told me that I was restructuring… Thinking of my issue does not trigger me in any way any longer! Thank you Isabel! You are a natural healer! Everyone whom you touch is blessed!

Martha M., USA – Energy Clearing

Isabel is the real deal! I felt so much better after my first session that I’ve had a few more since and I can honestly say that, despite a major transition in my life (which includes divorce), I haven’t felt this clear and light and genuinely joyful since I was a kid. Her wisdom in how she shares things, her keenness in getting to the root of one’s suffering, and her joyful spirit combine to create a healing that truly lifts one’s spirit to a whole new level… clearing away all the muck that’s been holding it down.

Bob P., USA – Energy Clearing (and Animal Communication)

Marisa C., USA – Energy Clearing

There is only one word for Isabel – AMAZING! I just completed a session with her this week. Talk about a paradigm shift – for one, I feel so happy. Plus, It is astounding how she is able to read your energy and blast through blockages. Don’t even hesitate. Book a session NOW.

Mary C., UK – Energy Clearing

I had a very powerful shift with Isabel, I could literally feel it happening! She is very intuitive and knows exactly what to say to get to the root cause of the matter. A few days later I suddenly had the answer to a problem I had been struggling with, and it was so simple I don’t know how I hadn’t seen it! A very talented lady indeed – already signed up for more! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me.

Ntathu A., UK – Energy Clearing

Isabel is one of those healing Earth Angels who walk the land and honour themselves and blesses others with her gift. I had an energy clearing session last night and feel totally re-aligned balanced and calm. The pain in my lower back has gone. That was a wow…I didn’t realise just how much stuck energy and holding on I had going on A session is a perfect Me-Time treat or gift to a dear friend in need of healing and release.

Animal Communication and Energy Healing Sessions

Firefly (horse) – Animal Communication and Emotion Code

Celeste H., Oregon USA

While I came to this work with Isabel as a believer, I was still surprised by her accuracy and ability to connect with my horse across the miles…over an ocean and a continent, in fact! The time lines and trauma stories all lined up, and then the healing began. My girl is now calmer and more affectionate, less twitchy and anxious. Peace reigns and our relationship is better for it. Thank you, Isabel.

Bryn (dog) – Animal Communication

Jen G., UK

This testimonial is shared here with full permission, but I felt that parts of it were so personal to Jen, that I blurred them, with her love in mind.

Kabuki (cat) and Chester (cat) – Animal Communication and Emotion Code

Susan J., Washington USA

Wanted to share an amazing experience with Isabel Martins, who is an extremely perceptive animal communicator. She’s the real deal! Working remotely, she helped me understand a perplexing problem with my Bengal cat Chester, who prefers to hang out in my old, nearby neighborhood since my recent move. Isabel also gave a much-needed healing session to my 15- year old kitty, who has more energy and ease now. Isabel picked up many nuances and it was fun and enlightening to hear what these cats would like me to know. I’m so delighted and relieved to have this communication. Thank you Isabel!

Annie (dog) – Animal Communication and Emotion Code

Deborah M., USA

Kudu (dog) – Animal Communication and Emotion Code

Rita C. – Texas, USA

Isabel Martins is a very perceptive animal communicator. She did some emotion code healing on my Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue, Kudu. On her introductory session, she asked Kudu some questions that she really only could have known the answers to if Kudu communicated them.

Kudu came to me at about a year and a half old. He had a rough life and was very anxious and timid. He suffered nausea and extreme anxiety. He really didn’t know how to be a dog. Luckily, I have two other well adjusted Ridgebacks and they get along very well. I still wanted Kudu to get over his anxiety and demons. Isabel did an introductory session with Kudu, and two emotion code healing sessions. She was able to “clear his heart wall” and I’ve noticed he is much more at peace in his life. He is not as fearful of people and other dogs (other than the ones he lives with). Isabel also gave me indications of his emotions and what they represent.  The sessions were so helpful to him that I bought some for another dog as well.
It is amazing how Isabel can read energy across continents and oceans. She’s told me several things about my dogs that she couldn’t just guess from looking at a picture. I heartily recommend her emotion code healing services so your animals can have their own Big Lives!

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Henry (cat) – Emotion Code

Sue R., USA

Isabel did wonders with Henry. I thought he was gonna die, he wasn’t pooping or eating and he had given up. My vet got him pooping and when he started eating. I asked him to give me a little time to see if we could figure out what was wrong with him; he agreed because he loves me. Then Isabel started using the Emotion Code on him and healing from the inside began. I could tell every time she worked on him when I looked at him. His improvement was nothing short of a miracle, she worked on him every few days and then weekly and as needed for 3 months. That he’s alive is a miracle, and I used both Isabel and my vet, but I think Isabel did more good for him. He’s probably not going to stay with me a lot longer but he is whole emotionally and that will make his transition much easier on both of us. Isabel did a wonderful thing for Henry! We love her! And thank her from the bottom of our hearts!

Sophie (dog) – Emotion Code

Sue R., USA

I love my dog Sophie. She came from a terrible situation and I think she had a lot of emotional trauma during her first couple years. After all her abuse she was hit by a car and lost a leg. The next year she tested positive for heartworms. I have been in the military and been deployed and left her with a total stranger for over a year. I know it was hard for her emotionally, as it was me too! Since Isabel used the Emotion Code on her she has been much better. She doesn’t have those ‘ghosts’ with her all the time. She is more settled and I think she doesn’t worry about things nearly as much. Not to mention her arthritis and pain in her leg seems to be much less these days. Even as it’s a little colder she is med free, taking glucosamine supplements but we’ll always do that!

Ryan (snake) – Animal Communication

Lori A., USA

Isabel communicated with my snake and I was amazed at the conversation that they had. My snake told her that he really liked a piece of wood that I had put it in his cage to wrap around. It has been a great experience and my snake and I have a closer relationship because of it. I will use Isabel to help me communicate with any pet that I get in the future!

Get What You Want (Energy Clearing + NLP sessions)

Bernadette P., Australia – Get What You Want

I just finished my first session with the amazing Isabel. What can I say? OMG! I am buzzing with excitement for the future I glimpsed and all the clearing that I experienced that released energy around old behaviours that have stuck around for way too long. Isabel has a never ending store of techniques and she seems to use her intuition to know just when to use what. The combination of energy clearing and NLP is something I have never experienced before and I feel like I have run a marathon emotionally wise that has ended with a big, warm, fuzzy hug. If anyone is undecided about signing up for her sessions, do not hesitate. I have only had one session so far, I just can’t wait will be happening by the third session! Thank you sweet Isabel. X

Rita C., TX, USA – Get What You Want

I had a session with Isabel yesterday morning. I have always had a hard time building friendships with other women. I have always worked mostly with men. It seems like whenever I get into classes or workshops with other women, they pair up and I am the odd one out. We started talking about the past, and I had two sisters that were 10 and 11 years older than I was. They were always off doing their things when I really started to remember things. It wasn’t necessarily a traumatic experience, just really the way things were, so I didn’t really realize that I had formed opinions around it like, ” I don’t have anything interesting to say to women”. It makes sense that fourteen and fifteen year olds wouldn’t be that interested in what their kid sister thought of something. I had no idea I had internalized that before! So now I’m going back through different childhood memories and pulling that little weed out of them. I can’t wait til our next session! Thank you Isabel!

Aletha R., USA – Get What You Want


Melanie G., Switzerland – Get What You Want

I wanted to work with Isabel on my confidence, as a female in particular. Which was still very much in conflict and over layered with many beliefs, chaotic, old conditionings.  The first session, was a lot to do about making the issues clearer, where does  the trigger lie. i loved the practice of the strengths in both hands and joining the two of them.

The second session we did an practice of shattering an image an replacing it with another, this just completely started a roll, and I knew where to work on, and what it was. so the next session was very intense. Isabel found the stories and experiences, which also surprised me and where so real and painfully. She helped me unload these experiences and connect them with less full on emotions, something that you can live with in your gallery of memory, part of your life, without ripping you apart- amazing, really just amazing.  I found it very valuable, like as if you took the plane instead of the autoroute and overflew all the traffic jams, bad weather e.t.c. The work Isabel did for me, surpassed anything i have ever experienced.

The combination of energy work and NLP is powerful and effective. I feel now that i have moved forward, i feel better and feel and notice changes already after just one week. For me what i want to do now is live some life and see where i am and enjoy the changes. It was a truly life changing work. Thank you so very much, brilliant.

Judy B., OK, USA – Get What You Want

I just finished my 3rd session of Isabel Martins’ “Get What You Want” package. It is a powerful partnership of energy clearing and NLP.

I wanted to work on my insecurity and feelings of being uninteresting when interacting in a group, especially when meeting new people. After my first session I had a “trial run” when I attended a group meeting a few days later. I felt confident and energetic and introduced myself to people instead of waiting for people to approach me – it felt really good and free!

I also wanted to work on my frustration with buying programs or starting projects and then not finishing them. She helped me delve into my childhood and look at patterns which now gave me a new perspective on “unfinished” projects. I don’t have to beat myself up anymore!

Not only did Isabel clear several issues for me, she also gave me some tools to use moving forward.
I highly recommend Isabel’s services. Her passion for her life’s work and the love she gives to her clients is remarkable. Her numerous skills partnered with her innate intuition are powerful!

The cost of the package is very, very reasonable, but the value I received is priceless!

Mayra S., USA – Get What You Want

What I wanted to work on was knowing, really knowing that I am a conscious creator; that I create my own reality. (The more specific topic was prosperity and abundance).

Before the sessions, I felt that I had acquired many pieces of the puzzle, but I felt as though I could not put it all together unless I could see the whole picture (like you see on the cover of a puzzle box).

The sessions really helped to move out a lot of old junk and make space for expansion. I also learned some great new exercises to help me continue to clear old programs/beliefs as they come up. During each successive session, it became more evident to me that I AM more tuned in to my inner being than I realized. I Know now that I am always connected to source, and that with awareness, I can strengthen and expand the connection any time, any place, and under any circumstances.

I feel much more confident since the sessions and have a greater sense of knowing that I can create anything I want, including financial abundance. I am more comfortable with the pieces of the puzzle even without seeing the big picture because I will Know where each one belongs as the creation unfolds. Thank You Isabel! Your sessions are an incredible value at 222 euro and I would recommend them to anyone!

Medical Intuition Readings

Lori B, Toronto, Canada – Medical Intuition

Isabel is a warm, loving intuitive and her gift of seeing into my body gave me so much clarity and understanding of how I’ve stored emotions that relate to certain physical conditions. I was impressed with how she saw past wounds and I appreciate her guidance on how I can heal them. My reading was a very eye opening and helpful experience.

Indrani P., USA – Medical Intuition

Working with Isabel was a GAME CHANGER. Her medical intuitive reading was on point! I did not share any health information with her beforehand. She confirmed the issues I was experiencing and gave me simple remedies to solve them. Our consultation was amazing. She was patient and answered all the questions I had. She supplied with me a gorg pic of my aura & a lengthy reading. She also sent me a recording! She is a powerhouse & I loved every minute of it. I absolutely recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants an alternative, holistic way to improve their health! – Indrani Phillips, Intuitive Business & Life Transformational Coach. www.theeffortlesslife.rocks

Dina B., USA – Medical Intuition

I had a medical intuitive session with Isabel and was extremely satisfied with the results. She was able to tell me what parts of my body were either in need of attention or functioning properly. Without telling her any personal details, Isabel was able to locate areas that had chronic conditions and help me understand how to soothe them. I highly recommend everyone get a medical intuitive reading with Isabel. You will receive a thorough evaluation of your whole body (and aura) as well as steps to take in order to bring your body back into harmony. Healing my body from the inside out has never been easier. Thank you so much Isabel. – Dina Blas, Inner Healing Life Coach www.DinaBlas.com

Debra H., USA – Medical Intuition

I had a wonderful medical intuition report and session provided by Isabel. It was very detailed, thorough, and offered direction on areas of improvement. Coming from a medical background, I was very impressed by the accuracy of her reading and insight. I highly recommend this opportunity to everyone.

Yvonne M., USA – Medical Intuition

Isabel’s reading was amazingly detailed–she was able to identify several long-standing energetic issues that I have struggled with since childhood. She also correctly identified various emotional energies in my chakras. For example, she mentioned that she could sense white energy coming into my crown chakra but not going further than my third eye. I had consciously been keeping white light from going into my body because I’d heard that it could attract “dubious” entities…and she was able to pick up on that! Her report was loving, precise, and fascinating to read.

Stacey C.D., USA – Medical Intuition

I just had a medical intuitive session with Isabel. I have never had one before and was not sure what to expect. She tapped right into my heath concerns that have been on going over the past year. As she explained where energy was trapped in my body I was facilitated at how all of energetic systems and body work together. She could feel where my body was holding pain and what I needed to do to release it. I think that if you have been having medical issues or unanswered pain, Isabel would be a wonderful person to help you identify the deeper cause and connection. Thank you Isabel for this wonderful experience.

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