About Me

Hello, I’m Isabel, a natural health practitioner from Portugal! The pictures above are of my beautiful country, a true Garden by the Sea. πŸ’š A Mediterranean upbringing gave me great health core values, and great insights as to how to take good care of myself, and I want to share what I’ve learned and what I’m still learning with you!

A little bit about me πŸ™‚

I work with energy and all things Consciousness related, and I offer one on one Energy Integration Sessions as well as recorded Energy Block Clearing Audios on various topics so you can take them home and release your limiting beliefs and emotions on you own time.

I’ve learned so many energy work modalities over the years, among them Chinese Energetics, Shamanism, Emotion Code healing, NLP, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture… but nowadays I find that the simplest tools, like presence, awareness, clarity, embodiment, breath and energetic re-conditioning are the most powerful and effective tools we have available, so those are the ones I use in the one on one energy integration sessions.

To add to this all-things-Consciousness mix, I also do animal communication – or better, interspecies communication πŸ™‚ – and animal energy healing (you can check the Animal Communication page if you want to know more). This work is almost magical to me because of the depth of love and connection that animals allow us to have. It’s something that is not really possible to fully express in words, it’s exquisitely beautiful. β™₯

And I’m still learning more and more ways to help people and animals in my energy work path because, as shamans say (shamanism was my 1st love, as you’ll read below), “effectiveness is the measure of truth”, aka, it’s not the process that matters, it’s the results! Energy integration and teaching about our own energy and Consciousness are part of my mission here and the services I provide bring my passion to help people, animals and our planet live a happier, healthier and more aligned life to a very practical reality! If I had to sum it all up in one word, all that I do is to EMPOWER my clients to create the lives they want to live, by design.

I also have a background in Dance (one of my passions!), Reiki and Mechanical Engineering. Pretty interesting range, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

How I came to be this me

How did this all start for me? My interest in energy and natural healing began in my early teenage years, after I was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to undergo a few surgeries. These interventions and the long time I had to stay in recovery broke me mental and emotionally. I couldn’t process all the anxiety and insecurity I was feeling at the time and I ended up developing a full blown OCD syndrome (obsessive compulsive disorder).

After being trapped in OCD, undiagnosed, for a few years (in total it lasted well beyond 15 years) I felt I was at rock bottom. I couldn’t function in a “normal” way any more and that was very obvious to everyone because of the compulsions I “had” to perform throughout the day.

At that time, the dark night of the soul for me, I let go of trying to manage my obsessions and compulsions, because I couldn’t do it any more. I was exhausted and didn’t know what was happening (undiagnosed, remember? I was only told I had an anxiety problem). I though I was losing my mind and it was all my fault. I remember sitting on my bed, late at night, crying because I couldn’t lay down to sleep before I did a (big) sequence of compulsions. I know it may sound silly, but in that state there’s no control over the mind and not doing the compulsions is just not an option.

At that dark night of the soul point I made an internal decision somewhere, that I was going to make it through! During those days Nature was my nurturer. I used to go to an isolated beautiful spot in Nature near my house and release the pain, tears and anxiety I was feeling, and Nature always supported me and filled me with her energy, beauty and love. Not very long after that I discovered shamanism. In shamanism I was what they call the “wounded healer”, someone who underwent a trauma that steered me into the healing path. And so my energy healing path began.

It took many, many years before I could heal my OCD to the point of just feeling anxiety and being able to release it, and it took that long because I didn’t have tools, I was sifting and searching and living a busy life on top of it, as we all do. But through all of this I learned a very valuable lesson, that if my mind could take off in the pain direction to that extreme a degree, it could also be directed toward joy and my passions with that same power and focus.

Another important shift for me in those days came from doing Louise Hay’s inner child work. I learned to love myself, shower my younger self with love and appreciation for the courage and persistence she showed, for enduring those dark times and coming through on the other side with a new awareness, walking a new path, our path now. So all of my experiences led me to find my deeper purpose of bringing energy healing into my life, the planet and the lives of every person and animal I joyfully come into contact with.

And that’s where I stand now! Living my passion and sharing it with the beautiful people (and animals!) that choose to co-create with me a new β™₯ happier β™₯ freer β™₯ more aligned β™₯ purpose filled β™₯ and fulfilling life! πŸ™‚

I hope you get a lot of valuable insights and deep healing from this site and my services. Let’s keep on learning new things together and moving in the direction of our dream lives!


Sending you much love and peace,