Emotion Code Sessions

Dr-Brad-abundanceThe Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps identify and release the trapped emotional baggage we carry around. These trapped emotions were felt, at some point in the past, as a reaction when we encountered an emotional or stressful situation. The natural life cycle of an emotion should be: created, felt and released! But instead of running their natural course and quickly releasing from the body, emotions can get trapped in our body tissues! And when they get trapped, they act like little cannon balls on a very soft pillow, meaning, they start to create distortions in the normal pattern of the body. It is these distortions that create imbalances and can lead to dis-ease.

With the Emotion Code we can identify and release these trapped emotions, and this can be done either in person or at a distance (remotely). In so doing, we release the little cannon balls that are behind the distortions to the body’s natural healthy pattern. With each released trapped emotion we are helping restore the right conditions for the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

If you want to know more about the Emotion Code, I wrote a detailed explanation of its principles and concepts. You can find it in the page What is the Emotion Code?.

Here are some benefits that you can gain from Emotion Code sessions:

  • release emotional energies that may be causing you physical or emotional pain;
  • release negative behavioral patterns, like addictions or other self-sabotage mechanisms;
  • release emotional triggers that make you react to certain subjects or experiences in a preset way, like anger or fear reactions;
  • release the emotional charge left from past traumas;
  • clear emotional resonances that keep attracting the same kind of experiences and emotions into your life;
  • release emotional energies that are behind dis-ease in the physical, mental or emotional bodies;
  • clear your heartwall and enjoy a new sense of inner and outer connection, inspiration, love and abundance;
  • clear your heartwall and start to heal from anxiety and depression;
  • less emotional baggage also means manifesting your dream realities faster, as there is less clutter between you and your desires;
  • experience more balance in your emotions and a more focused and calmer mind (with all the benefits that that brings, like better sleep or better decision making).


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