6 Day Free MONEY Blocks Energy Clearing Series

Everything is energy…

. Your thoughts are energy.

. Your emotions are energy.

. Your body is energy.


Money is energy too.


And if you don’t have as much of it in your life as you want, it’s because you have energy blocks in your thoughts, emotions or current habits.

These energy blocks can come in the form of limiting beliefs, negative past experiences that are still emotionally holding you back, or even just unsupportive habits and patterns that you picked up from the people around you, mainly when you were just a child!

Energy clearing can help you identify those blocks and release them, so you can create your life the way you want it, instead of following the unconscious blueprints you learned from society and your family.

And energy clearing is Daniel and mine’s specialty!

The crazy thing is that most people never learn that they’re free to create life on their terms. Most people spend year after year, trying to do the best with what they’ve got, not realizing that they’re trying to maximize the resources of a little bucket when they have an entire ocean available to them!

If you’re here, you KNOW that you have that ocean available, and CONGRATULATIONS for that! Now let’s help you pave your way from your bucket, to your pool, then lake and ocean!

Let’s get you started by enjoying our free series of 6 money block energy clearing videos. 🙂 With each one you’ll be releasing layers of the old conditioning and limitations, getting you closer and closer to that ocean of financial well-being that you want!

Want to know more? Here’s a teaser of the clearings you’ll experience:

Day 1 – You’ll experience an energy clearing that will help you allow more money into your life.
Day 2 – Here we’ll help you dive into your money story (the one you learned as a child) and release it.
Day 3 – If money seems to slip through your fingers, on this clearing we’ll help you keep money in your life.
Day 4 – Get ready to clear your negative emotions and past hurts and disappointments around money.
Day 5 – Now that you are allowing more money into your life and keeping it, let’s help you grow it!
Day 6 – Do you think you have a ceiling beyond which you don’t allow more in? Time to clear that upper limit.  

So, what do you think of our clearings alignment for you? Do you want to clear blocks in any of those areas? Then we’ve got you covered! Let’s start!