(Em)Powered Love Energy Healing Program Membership, Special 1€ Trial

WELCOME to your new life!

We want to make you a special offer, because you’ve gone through our money blocks clearing series and we know you mean business when it comes to changing your life!

You’ve experienced the power of releasing your old patterns and negative emotions around money. Now imagine being able to release your limitations in all areas of your life!

That’s what we’ll help you do inside the (Em)Powered Love Energy Healing Program.

Each month our members choose a different area of their lives that they want to clear old beliefs and negative patterns around, and each week we do a live energy clearing session to release layers and layers of that old *stuff*. All of those energy clearings stay available in the program too, so you can go through them as many times as you want!

It’s transformational and the changes that we see happening with our members are heart warming and inspiring!

And for just 1€, we want you to enjoy ALL of the resources that are waiting for you in the (Em)Powered Love Energy Healing Program for 2 full weeks. And so you have all the information right away, after these 2 weeks, if you love the program and want to continue it, the value is a monthly 20€.

Here’s what you get, from the get-go, with your 1€ special offer:

    • Personal and direct support, there for you, nudging, guiding and supporting you to be your true and full Self;
    • A 60 minute monthly live clearing session, so you can clear resistance and stuck energy from past experiences, leveraging the power of a focused group;
    • Weekly 20 to 30 minute Facebook Live Clearing Sessions, to keep your transformation momentum growing;
    • Monthly group intention setting to magnetize your results;
    • A library of DIY Energy Tool videos that teach YOU how to use energy tools to get what you want;
    • A treasure chest of previous energy clearings on health, money, relationships, spirituality, intuition and communication;
    • A community of like minded people, focused on creating their lives by design, empowered and moving with love and awareness toward their dreams;
    • And you’ll have your (Em)Powered home base in Facebook, so it’s easy for you to access everything!

Imagine this level of support in your life and being surrounded by people of the same caliber, conscious creators, from all around the world… This is a kick-a$$ (loving) program and we want to share it with you! And for just 1€! 🙂

Remember: you’re not broken. You are born perfect. It’s all the stuff you’ve learned along the way that creates the difficulties and limitations you’re experiencing. When you clear those layers of learned limitations, you get back to your natural state of wholeness and abundance in all areas of your life.

And energy clearing helps release those limitations faster than anything else!

Here’s a little example of some of the goodies you already have waiting for you!

In the DIY Energy Tools:

And these video tutorials just keep on coming, focused on giving You tools to heal and transform whatever lead you have in your life into gold. EmPowered Style!

You also have a huuuuuuge library of past energy clearings to choose from, besides the new ones you’ll attend weekly!

Here are some of the Live Weekly Energy Clearings, by area of focus:

And you also get the clearings as audio files, so you can download them and listen to the sessions whenever and wherever you want!

Wanna know what our (Em)Powered tribe feels about their being in the program?

Here’s some feedback from our members:

“This is sooooooooo cool! Thank you. I feel like I have this secret tool box/treasure chest of goodies and magic that can help me out whenever I feel the need. Like today for example, I did the quick figure 8 clearing, which somehow lead me to find and use Isabel’s overwhelm clearing and by the end I had cleared some old stubborn energy and had taught myself a new tool to use to help prevent the energy from getting blocked again. How friggin cool is that. Adoring this precious group. Thank you.xxx” – Bernadette P., U

I wanted to share to let Daniel and Isabel know the arthritis in my knees and hip is very, very much improved. I know it is due to the clearings and healings from Empowered Love (I haven’t been on any kinds of medication nor doing therapy or exercise that it could be attributed to). It kind of sneaked up on me. It wasn’t an overnight noticeable change. I just started to notice about a week ago that I am walking better and can bend my knees further which helps getting in the car and going up and down stairs. Yay!!!!” – Judy B., USA

“Having a weekly clearing and targeted support every week keeps me from backsliding into old habits and ways of thinking — consistent support is so helpful. Your clearing sessions are powerful, and I love that each week there’s a new angle or technique. Thank you!” – Susan J., USA

You know if this is for you. Feel inside and trust your gut, your intuition, your inner knowing. We know you will love it! And also keep in mind that there’s no risk here, because you can try it for 14 days, a full 2 weeks and, if it’s not what you want, you can cancel anytime. So go ahead and click the button so you can start your trial now!

(Em)Powered Love Program 2 weeks trial for 1€,
20€/month Membership

(*) After completing the payment through PayPal, please wait a few seconds and you’ll be redirected to the (Em)Powered Love Membership sign up page, so we can welcome you into the (Em)Powered Love Facebook group! 🙂

Still on the fence? See how this resonates:

  • you want to live more expansively in all areas of your life;
  • you want to let go of the energy blocks holding you back from greater health, wealth, deeper connection in relationships & living your purpose;
  • you want to have the emotional freedom to live life on your terms;
  • heck, you want to CREATE your life on your terms.

If these resonate, then this is what you’ve been asking for, one of the greatest opportunities for you!

Give it a try! We know you’ll love it, and just in case you don’t, remember that you can cancel your trial subscription at any time! 1€ that can quite literally change your life. Go ahead and give yourself the gift of these 2 weeks. Click the button and see you inside!