Energy Healing Program (Em)Powered Love

This is where your personal development rubber meets the road! We’re getting practical here!

Energy healing sessions, energy healing tools, practical knowledge of the physics of spirituality and how we create our reality, and a loving, supportive community of like minded (open minded) people, all focused on the ultimate (highest) goal of self-awareness, self-healing, self-empowerment and loving DELIBERATE co-creation of your life, in ALL areas of your life!

That’s the energy of the program (Em)Powered Love!

If you’re dealing with procrastination, inconsistency in your focus, overwhelm, feeling lost in your life or downright not knowing what to do to get to where you want to be, Daniel Greene and I have co-created this monthly group program to support you.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • be more present in your life and with those you love;
  • be friends with your emotions (ALL of them!);
  • release past experiences and the limitations they caused, in health, relationships, money, work, all areas of your life;
  • deliberately create your life, in all areas;
  • discover, use and own YOUR power!

What we dreamed up for you inside (Em)Powered Love:

  • a 60 minute monthly live group energy clearing so you can clear past experiences leveraging the power of a large group (value $22.22, pretty much covers the price right there!);
  • weekly 20 minute energy clearing group sessions through Facebook live, to keep your transformation momentum growing (value over $150);
  • monthly group intention setting to ramp up your manifestation desires (priceless, leveraging the focus power of a group for creation);
  • weekly exercises to practice and align with your intentions (we’ll create programs with this, you’re getting it free within the group);
  • healing energy exercises for you to use, DIY (em)powered style, if you or someone you love needs the extra support. Priceless.
  • and we decided to have our home base in Facebook, so it’s easy for you to access everything!

Here’s a little example of some of the goodies you already have waiting for you!

In the DIY Energy Tools:

And these video tutorials just keep on coming, focused on giving You tools to heal and transform whatever lead you have in your life into gold. EmPowered Style!

You also have a huuuuuuge library of past energy clearings to choose from, besides the new ones you’ll attend weekly!

Here are some of the Live Weekly Energy Clearings, by area of focus:

And you also get the clearings as audio files, so you can download them and listen to the sessions whenever and wherever you want!

Besides all of these goodies, we also like to pamper you with some extra *little* random gifts, like video trainings and prizes. because when you’re working toward self-empowerment, you DESERVE the gifts! 🙂

The price for this monthly energy healing & training program is a very loving $29 because we want to make it a clear YES! choice for yourself. If you’re feeling it, this is for you.

Let’s get you on the inside so you can start now! 🙂

(Em)Powered Love Monthly Membership: PayPal or Credit Card Purchase:
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