Energy Clearing Sessions – The How’s and Why’s

What are energy clearing sessions? In a nutshell, these are sessions where we release what’s keeping you vibrationally stuck in circumstances you don’t want to be in.

We do this by releasing negative emotions and energetic patterns (beliefs and habits learned).

After clearing these energetic blocks you naturally raise your frequency and align with the people, ideas and circumstances that support you in moving forward and living life on your terms.

If you want to schedule a session, you can do so in the Energy Integration Sessions page.

How you create your reality

We live in a resonance based Universe, where energies are attracted to each other because their frequencies match. This means what you send out energetically is what’s reflected back to you (think of the Universe as a mirror).

Your thoughts are energy you’re constantly sending out into the world and your emotions are even more powerful energies that you’re always broadcasting.


What you see as you (physical body) is just the densest form of energy that constitutes the totality of who you are.

We have many bodies or layers to us, and these bodies are less and less dense as you move up in frequency. This is what you see when you see pictures of auras. This larger part of you holds most of your energy and it also stores beliefs, memories, emotions you’ve experienced through your life, from the moment you were conceived.

If your experiences and environment were completely supportive and positive, you have a huge energetic backing to get everything you want.

If you experienced less than nurturing and supportive circumstances, your beliefs and trapped emotions make it a lot harder to move toward what you want.

When you release limiting blocks you move up in frequency and you start to see little coincidences, inspired ideas and people coming to you to support and help you move forward in achieving your vision.

And that’s the work we do in energy clearing sessions.

What can you get from energy clearing sessions?

In simple terms, releasing whatever energies are blocked or stagnant, keeping you from being and living your natural full expression. Some examples:

  • Improve your finances by releasing old patterns and beliefs around money that keep you working hard for it (belief!) and not having enough.
  • Improve relationships by clearing the energetic ties and “stamps” you’ve placed on the other person (or them on you), this is called your energetic “reputation”.
  • Release the charge from worries and negative expectations (projections actually) that keep you awake at night. You’ll feel better immediately and you’ll see the solution much faster!
  • Improve your health (physical, emotional and mental) by releasing the lower frequency emotions and patterns from your body, like worry, doubt, guilt, shame… If you think of a time when you were worried and received good news, the relief you felt was the negative emotion being released.
  • Release the emotional charge from traumatic past experiences so you’re no longer triggered or controlled by them. Get a handle on your emotions instead of being run by them.
  • Clear the doubts, fears and the “I can’t”s from your energy and your mind, so you can manifest your big dreams, and with a lot more ease!
  • Feel more connected, in the now, and aware of your intuition and intuitive guidance so you can feel, ever more deeply, that YOU are in control of your life, not anyone else and not circumstances!
  • Basically, release the limitations that are keeping you stuck. Once they’re cleared, you’ll start believing, seeing and moving in the direction of your vision, in any and all areas of your life!

Free to be you

I hope I’ve done a good job of explaining the value that energy clearing sessions can bring to you, because if you’re here, you were guided and you want to change your life for the better.

If you resonate with what I presented, reach out and let’s talk about how I can help you release what you need to release in order to get to where you want to be.

You can send me a message here or schedule a session on my Energy Integration Sessions page and try this for yourself!

Hope that you get what you came here looking for. 🙂