Hi! In the previous post I wrote about my experience with liver cleanses (see here), as suggested by Andreas Moritz in “The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse”. and I explained that one of the preparations required to do a liver cleanse was a kidney cleanse, and this was a blessing to me, delivered at the perfect time, as it helped me get rid of positional vertigo.

Here’s how.

In December of 2013 I was feeling one of my shoulders tense and locked very frequently, so I went into a family friend, who’s a chiropractic, who, after checking me, said I had calcium deposits in many tissues in my body, and they were causing the locking and inflammation on my shoulder.

To help release the deposits he used an electrical device, taped various conductors to different parts of my back and started to electrically stimulate the tissues, so that they would react, contract, and force some of the calcium out. After this I could already feel my shoulder moving more freely and was told to drink LOTS of water, so that my body could get rid of the excess calcium. And so I did, for a week I drank about 2L (68oz.) of water and herbal teas, and then I returned to my usual 1,5L (51oz.) per day water consumption.

And I never thought of that again. Until early January 2014, when one day I got out of bed and my head was spinning so much I had to lay down again. I thought I probably hadn’t slept well, or had eaten something bad, so it didn’t concern me that much. But all throughout the day, every time that I did a sudden head movement or change my focus from up to down suddenly, I would feel the same head spinning sensation. And it continued throughout the week.

At that point I was taking it very seriously, and started to look online as to what could it be and where had it come from. So I was led into various medical websites and found out it was positional vertigo, and that one of the possible causes for it was calcium deposits near the inner ear, that can move when the head moves and interfere with the inner ear and balance. I also saw that some people recommended an herbal tea “Chanca Piedra” or “Quebra Pedra”, to help break the calcium deposits (and also kidney stones), and flush them out of the body.

So I knew I had to cleanse my body of the loose excess calcium, and for that I began again drinking daily the 2L (68oz.) of water and specific teas, and I started to take Ginkgo Biloba to strengthen the kidneys, as they would be filtering all of this and working overtime during the cleanse. With that, I made a cleansing plan for myself that consisted of:

  • 3 weeks taking 1L (34oz.), daily, of “Chanca Piedra” tea (no more than 3 weeks because it can be toxic after that);
  • 3 weeks taking 0,5L (17oz.), daily, of the kidney cleanse herbal tea mix recommended by Andreas Moritz (you can see its composition and find out more about it following the links here);
  • Daily supplement of Ginkgo Biloba throughout all the cleanse.

After the first round of this cleanse I was feeling better from the symptoms of positional vertigo, but sometimes still had the spinning sensation, so I gave it a week to rest and started the second round.

And at some point in April 2014 I realized that I didn’t have any reaction to getting up quickly or moving my head suddenly, so, the positional vertigo and calcium deposits had been cleared! And that was a HUGE YAY moment and relief!

I’m sharing this method now because it worked for me, and hopefully, it can be of help to someone else. This treatment (and liver cleanses) can also be of great help for someone with kidney stones, as it provides a natural and gentle way to break and release them. As a natural disclaimer here, do consult with your physician to make sure it’s ok for you to go through any kind of cleanse.

As you know, the kidneys are very important and very sensitive cleansing organs; in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) they are the keepers of our essence, our life force, and that essence nourishes our body, so they must be loved and well taken care of, for our body to maintain its optimal state of health.

A kidney cleanse is one way to give them that love and support, and it’s completely natural and very easy to do and schedule into our daily lives, so, it’s well worth a try!