Hello! Let’s talk about some heavy hitters in the food category, aka superfoods! Today I want to give you a small list of 3 SUPER MEGA POWERFUL foods that you can have anytime you want, and your body will thank you! These awesome co-creations of man and Nature pack an enormous list of vitamins, anti-oxidants and good for your body bacteria, and they help get rid of inflammation, digestive problems and make your body feel younger!

So let’s start the superfoods star parade:

1 – Goji berries: these have become a sensation in the last few years, and you can find them practically at any supermarket. Goji berries came from the Himalayas and have exploded into the world’s markets because they are FULL of antioxidants, and packed with minerals and amino acids!

Some of this berries’ benefits include: protecting the body from aging, eliminating inflammation, strengthening the body’s immune system, lowering cholesterol, helping in the digestive process, balancing blood pressure and sugar levels, improving vision, helping with the liver and kidneys functions, protecting your skin from sun damage, maintaining a healthy nervous system. The list could go on and on!

How to take them: pick a handful and eat it plain or mix it with yogurt (another power food), kefir or milk!

2 – Kefir: kefir is a plant that loves to be in milk, where it grows happily, and it has been used for ages to preserve it, before our era of refrigerators. You can also eat the plant, but you usually use the fermented milk that kefir has cultured, full of powerful probiotics.

This milk is sour and yogurt like, in taste and texture. Kefir milk is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and live bacteria that are good for you. Kefir fermented milk can be bought or made at home, if you find someone to give you some kefir grains.

Some of kefir’s benefits include: helping with the digestive process, helping repopulate the intestinal flora,  strengthening the body’s immune system, reducing inflammation and allergic responses, helping with the liver, gallbladder and kidney functions, helping with anemia and many more benefits you find from its probiotics.

How to take it: anyway you would use yogurt.

3 – Mangosteen – this is a fruit that is native to Asian countries and it has been part of their natural medicine for ages. In the past few years it has also come to the mainstream in western cultures, and is now a very well established food supplement.

Mangosteen is full of antioxidants, helping the cells regenerate from the damage caused by free radicals, and therefore, it helps keep the body and mind healthy and slows down aging. It is rich in vitamin C, helping the body fight off flues and strengthening the immune system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps the body control inflammation and naturally heal. Its many nutrients, like vitamin A and C, calcium, potassium and iron also aid in the maintaining of proper nutrition.

How to take it: it usually is sold in syrup form, so you can follow the product’s directions; you can also eat the actual fruit, it’s a very pleasant, soft and slightly sweet fruit.

As you can see, any of these 3 superfoods will help your overall health! They all have similar benefits, so you can choose to start including one of these in your daily meals or snacks and appreciate its benefits! Or you can include them all and be blown away by the difference you’ll feel in a short time!