Hello! This is round 3 of the articles on the power of direct experience of the world around AND within you, aka, the power of using no words. We talked about using it in mindfulness and for goal focusing. This time we’re going to use it in emotional integration and energy clearing!

Usually, when we’re feeling something, we assign it a label: we’re feeling sad, angry, stressed, tired, tense… we identify it in order to know how to feel about the feeling. šŸ™‚ Did you ever see a young child falling down and looking around to see if others are there? The child is actually looking for cues as to how to react to that event. If someone looks concerned or runs to them, they get the message that what happened was bad and they start crying. If no one is there or someone just giggles at the fall, they assume it’s nothing and continue playing, or assume that person’s behaviorĀ and giggle too.

There is no inherent meaning in what we feel, be it an emotion or a sensation, but when we use words we are automatically assigning a judgment: good, bad or neutral. And I’d say that even neutral is kind of polarized in our thinking, we tend to dismiss what we’re neutral about, like it’s not important, so we don’t even experience the “thing” we feel neutral about. šŸ™‚

In emotional integration and energy clearing, one of the best things you can do to allow an emotion to be healed is to fully feel it, completely, in an unresisted form. And this is quite simple to do actually: you just focus on your body, where the sensations are active and just feel them, without assigning them any label.

To make this easier I’d suggest having the attitude of a small child, being very curious about the sensations, like something new is happening inside of you and you are playful and curious about it, you want to get to know it fully. Which means you are actually engaging with the sensation with curiosity and playfulness, which are loving in nature, instead of judging and resisting it. It’s a cool way to experience your life and it’s the fastest way to bring back to you the power and energy contained in that emotion!

And this is a concept I already had, but that Paul Scheeleā€™s ā€œAbundance for Lifeā€ just locked into place: all of your emotions and sensations are YOUR energy, YOUR power, YOUR consciousness. I see us as being Beings of light, with many streams coming into and out of us. When we have a ā€œnegative emotionā€ we tend to resist it, and that creates a knot on that particular stream of energy, like a kink in a hose. When you just feel the sensations in your body and have that childlike playful and curious focus on it, you stop resistance, and you allow that knot to dissolve and the energy, your power, to move freely through you again.

You can love all of your sensations, ALL of your emotions this way, because you see that they are just sensations before you assign a judgment value of painful or fearful, or anything, to them. And you can love them all because they are YOUR energy, YOUR power, YOUR consciousness, and all that you are is love and perfect at your core.

Practice this as much as possible! Anytime that something ā€œnegativeā€ comes up for you is an opportunity to do thisĀ emotional integration and reclaim some more of your energy back! The powerĀ and freedom youā€™ll feel at the other side of this process will help you becomeĀ more and more of yourself and thatā€™s a sure way to live an empowered and happy life.


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