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Hello! Here’s a DIY technique I learned from Donna Eden, a chakra healing exercise. It will help you clear the dense energies you may have locked in your chakras and release old limitations that you’ve been carrying around from your past. Below is also the transcript of the video, if you prefer to read through the technique. šŸ™‚

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Chakra Healing Exercise

Hello! I want to share an exercise that we did on the the live group clearing that we did this saturday on Life Vision (for the (Em)Powered Love Program). This exercise was described there, but it’s easier to have a visual reference of how to do it.

So, the exercise is a very simple way that you can clear your chakras and I learned this from Donna Eden, which is a master at energy healing and energy work. I’ve done this chakra healing exercise quite a few times and it is very effective and extremely simple. It doesn’t take anything else other than you and your hands. So, just you!

How you do this: you have seven chakras and you are probably aware of where they are. If you want to
clear any of those chakras, you just take your hand, and it can be the right hand, left hand, whatever feels comfortable for you, and you start clearing. I’m going to exemplify.

So, heart chakra. You would put your hands about four or five fingers width, parallel to the chakra
that you are clearing and, to clear it, to release and almost break the density that is on that chakra you start spinning it counterclockwise. And since i’m not sure if this is clear on video, counterclockwise means: if you have a clock on top of you, facing outwards, counterclockwise goes from three, at your left, to noon, at your top, to nine at your right, and to six on the bottom. So: left, top, right, bottom. This is a counter-clockwise movement and you just do this.

You can start slowly first, until you can feel that you’ve got the energy and you feel that something
is moving. You can feel in your hand or you can feel it really in the chakra. And when you feel it, you can start to widen the circle that you’re doing, the counterclockwise circle, and you can actually, at some point, start widening the distance too, because you’re clearing different layers of the chakra. But just to begin with, start maybe a little smaller and right at four or five fingers distance from the chakra.

You do this for, well, however long you want but usually three to five minutes on this direction. After
you do this for a while you stop, you rub your hands and you shake them because your hands gather the energy and they can have a little bit of energy attached to them from what you were clearing so you just rub and shake them off.

Afterwards you’re going to smooth the energy and start to regenerate and harmonize the flow of energy again.

So, on the same position, four or five fingers apart from the chakra, you start moving clockwise. So it’s the other direction: it’s top, left, bottom, right. Top, left, bottom, right. And again, you can start slowly first and, as you feel that you have the energy (this is intuitive), you can accelerate a little bit if you want, or you can stay in the same slower motion.

You can also start moving it farther away if you feel (again, it’s intuitive), if you feel right in doing so, and you can come back and move it. So, continue with this movement for at least half of the time that you used to do that a clearing one, the counterclockwise. So, I would say for this one, about three minutes too, if you did three to five on the clearing part.

After you finish you feel a sense of “yes, I’m feeling done, complete.”. Then rub your hands, shake them off to release the excess energy in your hands and you just performed your very own chakra healing and cleared one chakra.

A suggestion: if you have the time and you want to clear all chakras, perfect! Start at the root chakra and
start moving your way up through the seven chakras. If you don’t have the possibility, or if you feel that if you have to do them all, you won’t do it, just feel which area of your body feels more tense, feels more uncomfortable and do the chakra healing there.

Which area of your body do you have most issues with? Go there and clear that chakra, because the chakras are main reservoirs of energy that power up your energy and power up also your beliefs. The chakras are the centers that hold your core beliefs, so, the more that you clear them, the more you let go of stuff that no longer serves you.

And that’s it, hope you use it because, again, this is as simple as you can get in energy healing,
in a do-it-yourself empowering kind of way! Don’t be the deceived by the simplicity. Try it,
test it, see how you feel and you will get results. So enjoy!


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