Hello! Here’s an easy way to help you detoxify your body. Besides all the ways described in “7 Quick Ways to Heal Your Body and Mind”, you can also use the very common, but very POWERFUL, lemon juice detox!

How so? Like this: in the morning, before you have breakfast (not just right before, give it about 5 to 10 minutes to act), you drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon.

Why? Because this is a gentle, but very effective way to jumpstart your digestive system! The warm water goes straight to your bowels and the lemon juice helps your liver and gallbladder purge. So be prepared to go to the bathroom if any of these organs is overloaded!

I usually do this routine everyday for a week, skip the next week, start again on the 3rd week and skip the 4th (basically I do this 2 weeks in a month).

You can do this routine everyday with no problem, but for me, I found that the continued use of the lemon juice water has a slight blood thinning effect (which can be great for those who need blood thinning), and that’s why I do it week in, week out.

Try the lemon juice detox for a week and see for yourself the benefits that this one simple habit can bring! Anything that can help cleanse the liver and bowels is precious to our well-being. As a practical result, I found that I could better tolerate greasy foods and sweets (I had to eat out a lot!) about 2 weeks after I started this routine (that’s 14 days of lemon water in the morning, I wasn’t yet doing it week in, week out).

So, for its simplicity and the benefits it brings you, this is a great habit to incorporate in your daily life!