Hello! Let’s talk about food, we all have to eat, and we WANT to eat healthy, but the countless temptations that are presented to us make us deviate from our goal of eating natural and healthy foods! For example, I love to eat fruit in the summer, when it makes me feel good, light and refreshed, but in the winter I want starch, I don’t like to eat fruit because it makes me feel cold! And because of this I usually go after breads, cakes and cookies instead of reaching for a piece of fruit. If you have the same seasonal cravings, you may find my cheats helpful! Even if you don’t have cravings but would like to eat more natural foods, these tips will help you do that!

So, I found two ways around my running toward starchy foods, which are: juices and dehydrated fruit.

Any blender or juicer can help you create juices and smoothies (with milk or soy/rice/oat milk), and these are easy to prepare and are endless in combinations, so you won’t get bored! I have a slightly more expensive juicer (like this one on Amazon) because I don’t like my juices to have a lot of pulp, and also, since it grinds the fruit instead of shredding it, it helps to preserve more vitamins, but this is a personal preference, any blender or juicer will work! With juices or smoothies you’ll have several pieces of fruit in one go, and they will taste beautifully, making you feel satisfied because of the fiber intake and satisfying your sweet tooth also!

Although I love juices any time, I want something to chew and make me feel comforted, and I recently discovered that dehydrated fruit will do just that! Dehydrated fruits feel warm so they are GREAT SNACKS to eat in the winter, or any time! You can pretty much dehydrate anything and it is so convenient to carry around that you can take your snacks with you everywhere! You can either buy the dehydrated fruit on any supermarket or make your own. I make my own as I find that the prices of the small snack pouches is a little too high for my liking and it could hinder my regular consumption of something that I really like and is good for me.

I found, though, that dehydrated fruit isn’t for everyone’s taste, so it’s best to buy some different types of dehydrated fruit and try them, and, if you like it, go ahead and invest in a small dehydrating machine. Mine is similar to this Nesco dehydrator, and, since I bought it, I found new ways to use it (I like to capitalize on my investments 🙂 ), like raw desserts ( is an excellent source of good ideas for this).

So, there you have it, my two suggestions for eating healthier all year!