Today we’ll revisit the magnesium connection, as I feel strongly that this one topic alone can change our health. Magnesium is a mineral that most of us, in the industrialized world, have a deficiency of. White foods are basically devoid of this mineral and these are the most widely consumed in our society (white sugar, white rice, white flour products,…).

But even natural sources of this magnesium, such as green leafy vegetables, beans, soy, lentils, … are becoming less rich in it due to the soils being depleted of this mineral, so, even if you eat healthy, you can still have an imbalance.

And these imbalances can cause a WIDE array of problems, most of which are never traced back to the deficiency, such as irritability, PMS, depression, sleep disorders, cramps or spasms, kidney and heart dysfunctions, digestive and bowel problems, and many more. But the good news is, all of these can be relieved by restoring mineral balance, and this is VERY EASY to accomplish!

The most easily absorbed form of this mineral is magnesium chloride, and it can be taken orally or topically, in the form of magnesium oil (not exactly an oil, more of a saturated solution). Of these two solutions, the oil is the fastest way to balance your magnesium levels. Magnesium oil can be a bit expensive, but, GOOD NEWS, you can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost! Below follow the instructions.

Materials needed:

– ¼ cup Magnesium chloride flakes (it has to be 100% pure flakes, like Ancient Minerals or BetterYou);

– ¼ cup distilled or purified water;

– Pan;

– Glass or plastic spray bottle;


In the pan combine the magnesium flakes with the water, heat it and stir until the flakes are dissolved. Let it cool and then pour it into the spray bottle.

DONE! That easy! Now you can spray it directly on your skin, all over your body, and rub it a little until it is absorbed. As a caution note, do not spray it in sensitive areas (eyes or freshly shaved areas, for example) or intimate parts as this is a salt based solution and it will sting; also, don’t apply lotion before the magnesium oil, as the lotion creates a barrier on the skin that will hinder the magnesium absorption. People with more sensitive skin can also feel an initial sting in other parts of the body, but this fades away with continued use.

You’ll also find that, once you use it, you’ll have a slightly powdery residue on the skin, and if you want to, you can bathe about 30 minutes after the application to remove the residue (the magnesium is already absorbed by that time).  Just try it and see how you prefer to apply it, but do it and create a healthy habit, don’t dismiss this as being too simple to work.

Remember that this is one daily habit that you create can change your life and help you have the healthy body and mind that you deserve!