Hello! I wrote an email to my energy clearing clients that got quite a bit of attention, so I want to share it with you here too and elaborate a bit more. It deals with the reasons behind weight changes, be it weight loss or weight gain and it helps explain both conditions of being underweight or overweight. I’m also going to cover the number one most common (but least known) reason behind difficulties with weight loss.

So, let’s start! There are 2 main reasons why you may be having weight issues: emotional and physical. Let’s cover the emotional reasons first.

Emotional purposes for weight

Your body type can be heavily influenced by your emotional experiences, and many times, those emotional experiences or even traumas come from early childhood. As an example, one of my clients reached out to me because he was underweight and wanted to bulk up a bit, but nothing seemed to work. Looking into his past, this client grew up in an abusive environment and felt in danger, that he had to hide, that he had to go unnoticed in order to be safe, so, until these fears and traumas were released, he wasn’t putting on any weight. Another issue many people have when they grow in these emotionally (or even physically) unsafe environments is that their self-esteem drops so low that they don’t want to “bother” people with their presence, so the body also keeps itself at a minimal “footprint”.

For excess weight the underlying root cause may be exactly the same but the response is to put on weight to act as a cushion to soften the outside “blows”, and to give a sense of security and safety with the added energy or mass.

These physical weight fluctuation responses can happen in any time of your life. If you experience something traumatic that shakes your sense of security and safety, like a serious disease or sudden death of a loved one, an accident, a physical abusive relationship, an emotional abusive relationship, or even financial issues that threaten your livelihood, for example, your body will trigger the stress response and may find a way to “protect you and keep you safe” with one of the above responses, weight loss or weight gain.

The physical response of weight loss and being underweight is usually a male response. The weight gain response is a typical female response. And I say this not because of stereotypes, but because male energy tends to be more outwardly focused in nature, it radiates out mass (energy), if you want to see it that way. Female energy tends to be inwardly focused, it is of a receiving nature, so, it receives and adds energy and mass.

We all have a mix of both female and male energy, which means that, if you’re a woman, you can still respond to trauma by “losing mass” if your energy is more outwardly focused. And a man can respond to a trauma by “bulking up” to get “big and bad”, and feel more able to protect and defend himself. There are as many variations to emotional and physical responses as there are unique experiences and individuals, but the typical responses are the ones mentioned in the above paragraph.

So, to summarize it, emotional weight issues are connected to not feeling safe, which is quite widespread in our society.

Physical purposes for weight

There are also physical reasons that justify to the body being overweight, meaning, the weight advantages surpass the disadvantages. Taking out serious illnesses and hormone imbalances from the picture, a major cause for putting on weight is toxicity. And with this root cause, the liver is a major player and the one that needs the most love and attention. The liver is the major detoxifying organ in the body, it’s responsible for trying to break down and get rid of toxic compounds and elements. When the toxicity levels in the body are high and the detoxifying organs can’t get rid of them, the body encapsulates the toxins in fat cells, creating a barrier between them and the tissues to render the toxins “harmless”.

If someone whose fat is a “safe container” to trap toxins goes on a weight loss program through restricting calories and exercising, these toxins are no longer cushioned and isolated, and the body perceives its toxicity levels rising, its survival is at risk. As a self-protection mechanism, as soon as the diet ends, the body restores the fat content to the fat cells as soon as it can, to safely isolate the toxins again.

So, which one is messing up your weight loss efforts?

If you’re unsure which one is impacting your weight loss the most, ask yourself this simple question: “Am I sabotaging my weight loss efforts?”. The sabotage may come in various ways, like eating things you know aren’t healthy for you, constantly finding other things to do when it’s time to exercise…

If you’re doing everything right and not long after you lose the weight, it just comes right back, you probably have a high toxicity level in your body and a complete detoxifying program can be your best ally to lose the excess weight and achieve a new level of well-being. After you cleanse the toxins, the body has no further need for the buffer provided by the fat cells and the weight just sheds naturally.

And how do you do this? My advice would be to do a full detox program, including colon cleansing (you can read more about it in the free PDF “7 Quick Natural Ways to Heal Your Body and Mind”), kidney cleansing and liver cleansing. You can find more information about each in those links. But there are MANY full detox programs out there, so do research the offers that call your attention, consult with your physician and see what resonates with you the most.

Now, for the emotional weight. If you feel that you do sabotage yourself, then you have emotions that are coloring your perceptions and influencing you to act that way. So, start by quitting the guilt and blame as they only make it worse (more negative emotions added to the mix!). Then start clearing the emotional charges from those episodes / memories that come to your mind, and release the emotions attached to them.

If you’re familiar with energy work you can use any energy healing technique you like for this, like EFT, Ho’oponopono, Sedona Method, or any other method you know and like. I’d also suggest checking out and using the Self-Worth Clearing Audio I created, because it deals exactly with self-image issues that started in your childhood. If you feel you’d like to have some help, you can also book an Energy Block Clearing Session with me and we’ll *gently* activate and clear those emotional experiences that are still affecting you.

If you feel angry, resentful or blame anyone or any situation in your past (even yourself) for the weight issue, letting go of those emotions will help your body release a HUGE source of stress and its associated hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. These keep your body in siege and all its resources are used to “put out fires”, instead of healing and moving into balance. And fat is not an emergency in a stressed body! A huge help here can be your Forgiveness Clearing Audio because it will surely and steadily help you release those very heavy emotions!

Regarding exercise and nutrition, there is always a place for them, of course, as they are nourishing your body and keeping the high frequencies flowing! I’d just suggest you don’t use them as “obligations”, a way for you to change your weight because with that focus they will almost feel like punishments and you won’t want to continue the healthy habits. Eat healthy and exercise, but do it for the joy and satisfaction these habits bring you, the joy of loving and nurturing yourself and connecting you more to your body.

Hope this brings you more clarity and awareness as to the reasons behind your weight. Being aware of them is the first step in creating a plan to address those reasons and move smoothly in the direction of where you want to be!


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