Hello! Here’s a *little* something that I shared on the Health and Natural Life Facebook page and that I want to share here with you! šŸ™‚ If you feel that you’re always out of time, always running and rushing, that time just disappears in your days, read on!

First, what is time?

Time is our perception of our energy (at its current frequency, i.e. number of cycles per second) moving through other frequencies. Overall, our planet’s frequency is rising, which means we are perceiving time as moving faster. If our frequency stays at the same level, time will seem to become shorter and shorter in a day. However, if we raise our frequency, we’ll experience more time available to us.

If that sounds weird then think about this: if you were moving at the speed of light (just a particle in the middle of other particles), you would see no movement, you’d feel still in the middle of that light beam. It’s the differential between two frequencies that gives us the perception of movement, even the movement of time, as we “watch time pass by”. That’s why time is relative, not absolute!

So, as you are moving within the planetary frequencies, if you raise your own frequency, the differential between the two will be smaller and you’ll perceive time as passing slower, you’ll have “more time” within your 24h.

And how do you raise your frequency? There are many ways, but my two favorites are: just ask it to move faster (your energy is ALWAYS following your directions, even if you don’t know you’re giving directions), or focus on higher frequency emotions, like joy, peace, fun, passion, the ones we like anyway! šŸ™‚

Get your energy moving!

To practice the first one I’d suggest you sit or lay down and take a few deep breaths, to calm your mind. Then focus on your body, feel its energy moving, feel the tingling and heat radiating from you. When you’re calm and present in your body, just mentally ask your energy (you can visualize it as your aura) to speed up, to oscillate faster, increase its frequency. After that, feel that request moving into your aura and feel your energy move faster (you’ll probably notice sensations in your body).

After you’ve done this a few times, you don’t even have to sit or lie down, you can do it anywhere, although calming your mind is always a good idea because frenetic thinking activity consumes and kind of clogs up your energy.

To use emotions to amp up your frequency you can use a myriad of techniques: walk in Nature, playing with animals, focusing mentally on a memory that makes you feel the emotion you are aiming for, or, my favorite, just focus on the word that represents the emotion. Focus on the word “joy”, for example, and keep repeating it to yourself, thinking it, breathing it in, holding it in your focus until its frequency expands in you and you start feeling it! If you keep repeating it you’ll amplify it more and more in your energy field and it will help raise your overall frequency, so you’ll experience time passing by slower, i.e., you’ll have more time!

Have fun with it! šŸ™‚


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