Hello! I want to share something that started as a conversation between me and a friend, Amazawa Sha. It later turned into a Facebook post, made its way into the Health and Natural Life newsletter and now it’s time to share it with the world because it can have a big impact on how people deal with their physical imbalances. We’re going to talk about how we are taught to identify with dis-eases, using that powerful “I am” to lock them into who we are! The basis of these ideas came from the book Mind Power into the 21st Century, by John Kehoe.

Our natural state, and the natural state of our body and mind is perfect health, so, when it is in dis-ease, it’s just going through a period of lower energy and frequency. We can see it as having  “caught” something physically, emotionally and/or mentally. But that lower state of frequency and its accompanying imbalance is not, by any means, natural or definitive!

When imbalance occurs, the body or mind are just “dis-easing”, meaning, they are processing the outside input and the internal emotional and physical imbalances that it triggered. And while this processing and coming into a new state of balance occurs, there can be physical symptoms, which our medicine groups into different categories, called dis-eases. And by the way, our focus on the symptoms or unwillingness to let go of the triggers (emotional in MANY cases) can extend this processing period for a long time.

Examples are easier to understand here: when someone catches a cold, we don’t say they’re a cold now, we say they caught a cold, they are in a process of “colding”, so to speak. But we know it’s not who they are and it’s not their natural state! We know it’s something temporary, just the effects of the processing until the body is able to restore itself back to balance and health.

In contrast, when someone catches diabetes or autism, we say they ARE diabetic or autistic, locking that unnatural pattern of dis-ease into their identity and the way we treat them. And once they relate to it and subconsciously accept it as part of themselves, that makes it very hard, if at all possible, for the body to restore itself to its perfect health again. And as time goes by, people’s identity becomes more and more entangled with the “label” they were once assigned, making it an integral part of their lives, even if it is something that they don’t want.

We should be saying not that people are diabetic but that they are “diabeticking” or “autisticking”, to create the image, in their minds, that it’s only a temporary state of dis-ease, and with proper attention and care, the body or mind will restore itself to its natural, perfect state of health and well-being. The way we speak is very powerful and can make a very big difference in the way we respond and move on from external and internal conditions.

Verbs are transient in nature, they paint an active and moving picture, making change a possibility. Nouns and adjectives, on the other hand, have a solid and absolute feel to them, they attach the meaning they convey to whatever comes after the so powerful “I am” and lock it into place tightly. The way we speak about our health may be the difference between thinking that “there’s nothing that can be done” (many dis-eases carry this dogma) and thinking that “there’s a way to heal, let’s find it”! A world of difference!

So start paying attention to what you hear and say about your body and your current state of health. As I repeat often in my energy block clearing sessions, our body hears our thoughts, but our spoken words are taken as commands. If you catch yourself saying “I am sick”, turn it into “I am feeling sick”. It’s a small change in language, but in energy terms there’s a huge difference! You know the way you are feeling is something you experience, it’s not something you are, and that helps you move through it much faster!

You can be aware of your words and help your friends and family make this shift too. Let’s dis-identify from the previous “labels” we received and accepted regarding our health, and let’s start relating to how we are feeling in a completely different and open, empowered and active way, rather than closing a set of symptoms into our minds and bodies and assuming that’s just the way it is. Empowerment and knowing the transient nature of imbalances can help open the way for miracles in your life!


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