Hello! I want to share a *little* bit of information that has been coming to my awareness more and more these last few days. It’s centered on focus and how things are created. And it’s not philosophical, because that’s not my thing, I like practical information that I can use and put into practice. šŸ˜‰

The importance of thought and focus

So we and everything around us is energy. Our emotions, thoughts, physical matter, all is energy in different states of “condensation”, let’s call it. The way energy works, when you focus on a point, it gathers energy in that point (energy flows where attention goes) and it starts to create a pull, like gravity, that attracts more and more resonant energy (energy that matches it) to itself. This process is the beginning of creation and the eventual materialization of the intention encoded in that focus.

So your ability to focus is of paramount importance, because what you give your focus (energy, attention) to is what you’re energetically creating a seed for. The more intense and clear your focus, the more power you give to that seed and the more momentum it has to attract more energy unto itself and materialize in your reality. And it will materialize in your reality because it is your creation, it’s your “child”, of you, of your energy and intention.

A little aside here: if you’re anything like me, this intense clear focus is a tricky thing to achieve. I’m a multitasker and I’m always finding new things to distract myself (usually learning, but still it’s the “shiny new thing” habit). I usually skip from one focus to the next very quickly because my mind gets bored if I don’t see results immediately. And the multitasking habit is useful but it also scatters energy because instead of focusing on one thing and giving it my all (much more energy = much more power) I end up doing many little things all mixed and intertwined with one another and never really put a lot of energy behind any!

If you do this too, this is the point where we have to choose how we want to live our lives: either unconsciously, just following our old patterns and learned limitations; or as deliberate creators, directing the power of our mind and abilities to focus it on what we want to create and experience. This decision is a game changer and it takes a lot of presence and awareness to not go back to the “old patterns” and instead choose the new you that you want to be.

Practical plan

So, going back to the materialization process! šŸ™‚ We receive what we receive based on two main things: what we focus on (the subject and intensity of our focus) and how much resistance we have to receiving it. If we just focus on what we want without clearing our resistance, we end up receiving something that is, at best, not exactly what we want, and at worst, the opposite. If we focus only on clearing all our blocks and limitations, we’re not focusing on what we want, and we’re actually giving all our attention to limitations, even if it is to clear them, so we end up creating more of that energy and get trapped in a never ending clearing cycle.

So, the happy medium is the way to go here! My suggestion, after the “theoretical” introduction, is this:

First, choose your object of focus: clearly decide what you choose to experience in your life. Start with something you don’t have A LOT of resistance to, it’s easier to see the materialization process in movement.

Then give it your attention, focus on it in whatever way you prefer (make scenarios about it, ask questions about your life with it, imagine it, talk to yourself or others about it) everyday, and little bursts several times a day work very well!

Third, notice what images, thoughts or sensations come up for you when you focus on that desire. If any of these are constricting, use any energy healing technique you prefer to release it (EFT, Ho’oponopono, meditation, the energy clearing audios and sessions, …). When you feel relief from that resistance, you’ve released it and your focus and intention are now clearer, bringing to you a closer match to what you want, or even better! And then, rinse and repeat!

You’ll start to see little things coming your way that hint that your desire is being born, and new ideas and inspired actions and connections may come too. Have fun following them and see the Universe in operation, supporting and loving you in all that you wish to create! šŸ™‚


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