Practicing the Embodiment of Appreciation

Hello! This is a post shared on the (Em)Powered Love membership, and in this week we played with – practiced – how to trigger the feeling state of Appreciation from the body directly, noticed how we do Appreciation in our physiology, and practiced triggering it through these embodiment cues deliberately. This embodied approach is a powerful approach to triggering and living in the feeling states that we choose, so if you’re curious and it resonates with you, enjoy the post! ?

Hello EmPowered Love Tribe! For this week’s Appreciation focus play, I wanted to share and demonstrate key points of the embodiment of Appreciation that we can play with, make our own and THOROUGHLY enjoy!

As you can see in the video, the basis of these Appreciation embodiment cues always starts with:

  • smile in the lips;
  • eyes smiling;
  • breathing deeper into – or from – the belly.

And of these 3 foundation cues, practicing bringing a smile to your eyes (or like I share in the video, saying to yourself “my eyes are smiling” and ‘watching’ them smile) is the most powerful state changer embodied cue that I’ve practiced. ??

Then, with these foundations, we can actually choose if we want to feel the Appreciation Yin states, like Lovingness, Caring, Tenderness… Or practice and feel the Appreciation Yang states, like Joy, Wonder, Elation, all the way to Ecstasy! ?

For the Yin states of Appreciation, start with the smile in the lips, eyes, deep breath and then you can:
  • tilt your head a bit to the side;
  • let your upper chest be a bit more in and down, like a concave receiving posture;
  • say, in your mind or out loud, Awwwwwwwwwwwww! ?
For the Yang states of Appreciation, start with the smile in the lips, eyes, deep breath and then you can:
  • let your eyes open a bit more in an expressive smile;
  • neck is more upright and head lifted up;
  • let your chest be ‘pulled up’, as if your chest is lifting to the Heavens; ?
  • and you can say, in your mind or out loud, the sound HAHhhhhhhhhhh or EHHHHHHHHHHH!

There are more embodiment cues, as you can listen to and see me demonstrating in the video, and they are different for Yin and Yang states, which we innately recognize and know from our own experience. This distinction is useful because we may want to deliberately bring up one or the other when we’re in different places and interactions.

For example, when something emotional comes up for us, or we’re feeling stress or anxiety, we can – very powerfully – demonstrate to ourselves that we can allow the emotions or tension to flow while we hold our experience (and nervous system) in a state of loving caring appreciation. ?

Or when we’re in a funky mood and want to feel more uplitfted, we can start by practicing the foundation embodiment cues (lips and eyes smiling, deep breath), and then start to bring up the Yang cues of Appreciation, and enjoy seeing and feeling our mood change in minutes.

Have FUN playing with these – with YOUR own embodiment, nervous system and energetic states – and enjoy a beautiful, loving Yin and elated Yang Appreciation filled day and week! ??

Post shared from the (Em)Powered Love membership, December 2022 focus on ‘Tuning in to and Practicing Appreciation’. If you want to know more about the (Em)Powered Love Program, you can contact me or you can find more about it on the link above. Thank you for reading and see you soon!