How to be an energy ninja (Photo by Hannah Troupe on Unsplash)


Hello! Have you ever fell into a situation where you just felt compelled to defend yourself, assert your point of view or even got “pulled” into a fight? No? You’re an energy ninja master already! But just in case you said yes, read on! 🙂

It’s an energy thing

When we interact with other people, our energy fields are also interacting very actively. Even if you don’t say a word, EVERY TIME you are aware of someone, even at a subconscious level, your energy field and theirs are communicating. Which explains why you can really like (or not) someone you have never even talked to. You felt their energy, and the two of you harmonize!

When we are interacting and we feel we’re being attacked, dismissed, or overwhelmed in some way, we are playing energy control games. It doesn’t matter who starts these because it takes two to play. And I say this with love, because when you find yourself in one of these power plays, you don’t even notice you’re doing it! If we were to see what was happening on these power games, in energy terms, we’d see all kinds of energy constructions grabbing the other person’s energy or overpowering it.

To give you a visual idea of what happens when people engage in power games, you can imagine that the two people involved have turned into porcupines, and they are projecting their own quills / energy tubes / spikes, into the other person’s energy field to grab a bit of their energy.

And this is usually done by both parties! In practical terms, when you’re fighting or defending yourself or your position, you’re feeling someone trying to take your energy to have power over you, and you counterattack by doing the same to them.

You feel this defensiveness and energy contraction when you’re in the middle of an energy control interaction, a power game. And by the way, if this sounds mean or harsh, or makes you think that the other person is evil, don’t look at it that way, because this is done mostly from an unconscious place. It comes from feeling powerless, feeling disconnected from our Source. And we’re all working on that disconnection!

How to be an energy ninja

So, solution? I’ve found a nifty little trick that works for me and it has worked for my energy block clearing clients too. When you become aware that you’re contracting, defending your position or attacking something or someone, do this:

  • take a few deep breaths;
  • focus on your body, on the sensations you’re feeling, without labeling them. This will break the defense/attack thought chain that’s going through your mind.
  • call back your energy from that person (or situation). Imagine you are pulling your “porcupine quills” back to yourself.
  • and repeat in your mind the word “disengage”, over and over again, until you feel your body start to relax and loosen the constriction. You can imagine that, while you’re saying “disengage”, you’re calling back the porcupine energy tubes until your energy (your aura) feels like a smooth oval shape, strong, calm and smooth again.

You can also use the “disengage tool” in crowded places, like stores, schools, gatherings… anywhere you feel your energy is going all over the place. You may be trying to connect or control too many people all at once there! ;)

And if you keep repeating old conflicting patterns with people in your life, I’d suggest a deeper work on those relationships, to forgive and let go of the past. Energy block clearing sessions and the forgiveness audio can be excellent tools for you, to help you release those past emotions and experiences that keep pushing the same reactive buttons in you, over and over again.

Give this a try, and even if you don’t catch yourself in the middle of the power game, put it to use afterwards, every time you think of the situation and feel the same emotions rising up again! The self-awareness to catch yourself doing this will continue to increase, and that’s what will turn you into an energy ninja! With this new awareness you’ll be able to redirect your energy (and thoughts, and emotions) sooner and sooner, every time you find yourself feeling attacked or constricted.

And there will come a point in time when you won’t even allow this energy control game to start, as you’ll automatically disengage from it, and then you’ll reach a beautiful state of empowerment and imperturbability! Heaven on Earth! Enjoy! 🙂


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