This week I want to share with you something that I shared with the *A.MA.ZING* (Em)Powered Love Tribe on our Money focus month. It’s an easy and fun exercise that is incredibly effective in changing the way you feel about money and its flow in your life!

The inspiration for this exercise comes from the book “Busting Loose from the Money Game” by Robert Scheinfeld, which I love and most definitely recommend!

It’s just a *simple* change of words and expressions, but this one change can completely shift the way you relate to the flow of money in your life, and to the energy of money itself!

So, here it is. Start using the expressions on the right and completely let go of the ones on the left!

When you *pay* for something ⇒ You *send Appreciation* for something.
When you receive a *bill* ⇒ You receive a *request for Appreciation*.
When you receive a *fine / ticket* ⇒ You receive an *urgent request for Appreciation*. ;)
When you receive *money* ⇒ You receive *Appreciation*.

Money is the practical form of circulating appreciation in our society, and this change in the expressions you use will make you feel more and more loving and appreciative regarding the flow of this practical energy in your life.

Remember that every bill you pay is for something valuable you received, even if it is “just” awareness, like in the case of a ticket. Every time you receive something, you can send it love and feel your energy expand because of it.

And another cool thing: if you emotionally associate money with appreciation and love, do you ever think you may run out of love? Or the ability to feel it? No! So, that knowing that you can generate and feel love whenever you want and to the intensity and degree that you choose will be transposed to the energy of money too! Double whammy of blessings! Take this knowing and fly with it! 🙂


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