Hello! We’re starting a brand new year and usually, this is the time most people set their goals for the coming months!  Today we’re going to talk about asking positive questions because, if you’re anything like me, after setting some loftier goals, your mind will start to freak out a bit, worrying about how to get you there! 🙂

Our minds are magnificent focusing tools, they are problem solving computers, always seeking to answer our questions. Most of us, though, have been trained to use the mind to focus on the negative (worrying, doubting, checking for dangers…), because that’s what our parents did, or our teachers, or we may even have learned it from the news in our global society.

We have also been conditioned to look at where we stand in different areas of our lives (health, relationships, lifestyle). If our goals are on a much higher level of expansion than we previously experienced, doubt creeps in, because the mind is trying to find how to get us to where we want to be with the information from our historic experiences. And we can’t get to a new level by doing what we’ve done in the past. We need to allow space for inspiration to give us that new insight, that new connection, that new course of action that is perfect to move us toward our goals!

So, what can we do to help with both these limiting conditionings? Since the mind is an answer seeking brilliant computer, we ask expanding and positive questions! Positive questions are questions that give your mind something to focus on that will actually bring you answers to move you toward your goals. For example “What if I find a way to exercise that is a lot of fun this week?” or “What would it take for me to finish this project easily and with plenty of time to spare?”. The questions don’t have to be realistic, they just have to point you in the direction of what you want and make you feel better. Actually, the more out there the questions you ask (that still make you feel better), the more you are expanding your horizons to let miracles flow into your life!

When your feel yourself thinking thoughts that make you feel worried or constricted, pay attention and ask yourself “What am I focusing on?”. Identify the constricting general area (or specific thought if you can) and then ask an expanding question that points you in the direction that you want to go and makes you feel better.

Let’s use money as an example. Let’s say you have a goal of generating an extra $1000 this month, and it’s the 20th and the money hasn’t come in yet. The mind will probably start to go in the worrying and doubting spree it is used to. So, you catch yourself feeling constricted and you ask “What am I focusing on?”, and the answer comes back that you don’t believe you’ll generate that money this month. You then shift your attention and focus toward what you want, and ask “What if I receive an unexpected refund in the next 3 days?” or “What if I meet someone this week that think I can help them in their project and gives me $1000?”, or any other question that comes to you! Simple and fun!

When we stop the worrying train and start moving our mind, our focus and energy in the direction of what we want, asking positive questions, we are letting go, bit by bit, of the resistance (fear) that’s keeping us from seeing the next step to take to get us there. And when we consistently see little coincidences, goals achieved and things we never could have planed working for us, we start believing more and more that anything is possible for us, and that the Universe is always looking after us. And that’s the perfect and natural way to live, in the flow!


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