Hello! I want to share with you a very powerful mind focus technique that I learned on my animal communication classes. It’s very simple, useful and quick! I use it frequently and love it so much that I broadcast it to everyone!

Its goal is to calm the mind, lower the “number of thoughts per second”, and allow your emotions to flow out, so you can get a handle on your (somewhat unruly) mind and bring peace into it. Your thoughts and emotions are connected, so, when your mind is running all over the place, you’ll feel stressed, and if the focus of those thoughts is negative, you can find yourself in a constant state of fear, anxiety or worry!

The technique I want to share brings you into the present moment, through focusing on your body, on your physical senses. Your body is always in the present, in the calm now moment, as opposed to your mind, which is usually somewhere else, either reminiscing (positively or negatively) on the past, or trying to guess the future (worrying, generally!).

So, if you focus your mind on your physical senses, it stops running back and forth, and focuses on something that it is perceiving now. This helps dissolve the emotions associated with being either in the past or future (the “normal” habits of the thinking mind), releasing them a bit at a time. You can actually feel this release physically, because you can be aware of where the emotion you’re feeling is located on your body (tightness in the chest, pain in the neck…), and as it dissolves, you feel the physical sensation become lighter!

This is a quick way for us to find peace and center ourselves, and it’s particularly useful when we’re seeing the beginning signs of feeling overwhelmed (physical or mentally)!

The technique consists of these simple steps:

  • First, choose a small object to focus on, and look at it (really look and perceive it, don’t space out while your eyes rest on it!). Do this for about 30 seconds.
  • Then, after those 30 seconds, while still looking and seeing the object, become aware of what you’re hearing. Choose a particular sound and focus on it. Remember to maintain your sight engaged on the object. Do this for another 30 seconds.
  • Now also become aware of your sense of touch. You can choose to focus on how your clothes feel, how your chair feels, your feet on the ground, or how that emotion feels in your body. Do this while maintaining the other 2 senses engaged too! And do it for about 30 seconds.

And that’s it! Let me warn you that it’s very likely, in the beginning stages of practicing this, that you find yourself spacing out, and as soon as you do space out, you’re thinking again, but don’t worry about it, otherwise you’ll just add more emotions to the mix! Just notice that you’re thinking, and refocus on your senses, one at a time.

Even if you do this for just 2 minutes, you’ll notice your body relax, as it releases the tension from the negative emotions, and the more you practice this exercise, the easier it becomes for you to do it, and the more peaceful, productive, happy and stable your mind (and emotions) will be!


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